1. Every human life is important! If you trying put someone's life into risk without necessity, be ready
    answer by your own life.
2. All conflicts must be solved used international law, without double standards.
3. All people must have equal rights without difference between race or gender.

PS: If you let someone build pyramid, ready to become a slave!

Artificial Intelligence:
Strongly need internationally restrict development of artificial intelligence which will bring human race complete elimination (except neural nets types which working on restricted threads. Such as auto drivers, image recognition or something like that).

Strange things:
Anything can be explained, don't let wash your minds. I didn't see anything which can't be explained. Most things you see by TV and in Net used to switch you from real things.

For example exist technology for reading, blocking or even puting another idea in your brain (Cells in your brain using electricity to comunicate with each other, some cells can be used through electromagnetic waves), this module seems added in lots of devices.

I asked for asylum and not get response from lots of countries.
I think countries ruled by Mossad. That is not meant Jewish people are bad, they also afraid from Mossad. As informed me Mossad terrorizing rulers families.

About monitoring your devices:
They even can change any info in them and never can explain why it's need.

Sex before marriage:
I think sex with other person before marriage some kind infidelity to your future life partner.

I'm not participate to any group. It is obvious that some good people help me and (him/her)self to not let completely eliminate our world. And some tried using me!

I belive in GOD.